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5 Apr


J.ROOM Curated, in partnership with BrownEyedBoy Art Pursuits, will host South African Fine Artist and Philanthropist Reggie Khumalo???s Debut Exhibition at the prestigious HourGlass Gallery in Lagos Nigeria from 13th – 20th April 2022.

Khumalo travels and works across Africa to bring back Ubuntu and help disadvantaged kids get to school. Since becoming a full-time artist in 2017, Khumalo has had solo exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, Zanzibar, Johannesburg,?? Nairobi & Addis Ababa.

Being a traveller at heart, Khumalo draws inspiration from his love for Africa; the kindness of strangers, the strength of women, the plight of children and most of all, the overwhelming presence of Ubuntu.

Titled?? ???Mental Revolution??? and birthed from a deep introspective outlook. ???Mental Revolution??? calls for us as?? Africans to liberate ourselves from our painful past and compels us to usher in an Africa that knows its worth.

???I think of my paintings as a platform to share my journey with the world; to express my passion for Africa. For this exhibition, I step into a new energy; unapologetic, fearless, confident and certain of our greatness as Africans.???

– Khumalo

Speaking on what will be the first of many collaborations, ??Jimi Adesanya, Founder J.ROOM Curated, said:

???As a platform that connects and celebrates African creatives in the Art & Lifestyle space,?? it is a pleasure to host Khumalo in Lagos. I have been a keen follower of his journey and I am a proud collector of his pieces. His travels and the pieces they inspire are truly remarkable.???


??“This project is a true expression of Radical Ubuntuism- a movement to unlock the best of Africa???s creative talent. This marks a reinforcement of West Africa (Nigeria)?? and Southern Africa (South Africa) collaborations. A gift for African Art and as BrownEyedBoy Art Pursuits we are proud to be involved in this Pan African journey that Reggie embarked on and its passage through Lagos, Nigeria. This is a project whose time has come!???

– Tshepo Hlongwane, Founder, BrownEyedBoy Art Pursuits


??????Africa is not a country !??? we say in exasperation when strangers assume it???s a homogenous forest of some sort. True, it???s not a country. But it???s a culture. There???s a thread that runs through this continent.?? You???ll find it everywhere –?? the same sort of warmth, resilience, tradition. We???re the spice of the earth?? -connected, rooted and rising together. We???re proud to have a true African in our space. Reggie Khumalo carries the imprint of the new Africa ??? bold, creative, at home in Lagos, Johannesburg, Zanzibar. All of Africa is his country.???

– Dozie Igweze, Founder HourGlass Gallery

Thanks to his art, Khumalo has been able to raise funds to help African charities and institutions. As such, collecting his art is not only an investment but also a vehicle for social change.

???Mental Revolution??? will open on the 13th of April and run through the 20th of April, 2022 at HourGlass Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria.

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