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8 Feb


‘Bathleisure’??is the latest trend taking over Instagram, and it’s as fun as it is beautifully impractical. The word, a combination of “bath” and “athleisure” (itself a portmanteau of “athletic” and “leisure” used to describe workout clothes that can also be worn lounging around or out to brunch, like chic leggings) appears to have originated in November on??The Cut, which coined the term to describe??Rihanna’s look on the cover of British??Vogue, dressed to the nines…with her hair wrapped in a terrycloth towel.

By now, we all know if Rihanna is doing something, obviously it’s fashion and we should all follow. Combine Rih’s cover with Rita Ora’s red carpet towel look and other glammed-up bathroom Instas, and a trend was born, one that finally permeated the masses.

So, how do you??do??bathleisure, per se? It’s simple, really: Wear a comfortable top, eye-catching accessories (i.e. chunky necklaces, bold earrings, and sunglasses fit for a James Bond-era spy), a touch of makeup, and then wrap your hair in your??favourite towel. Post a selfie to Instagram and boom, you’re bathleisure-ing.

Before you scratch your head and wonder why anyone would do this, it’s not meant to be a practical look. No one is actually going out and running errands with their wet hair in a pretty towel. It’s just a fun exercise that lets you experiment and play. Check out some examples of the trend and let them inspire you to treat yourself to a soak in the tub and a new pair of shades. It’s a look, OK?

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