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16 Nov


Thanks to the power of social media, international, award-winning body transformation coach, Jane Mukami has transformed the bodies of over 21,000 women in just 5 years. Jane Mukami is the creator of The P.U.S.H weight loss method, a weight-loss formula that has worked for her online audience and clients worldwide who have lost a combined 250,000 lbs of weight in record time.

Her mission is to help women reclaim their lives by waking up filled with energy, loving what they see in the mirror and being the best versions of themselves, so they can show up fully and lead a better quality of life.

Read her exclusive interview with SCHICK Magazine below:

What made you so passionate about weight loss and healthy living?

I had a rude awakening one morning in April 2008 when my pants ripped. The person I saw staring back at me looked sad, exhausted and overweight. My belly was pudgy and flowed onto my thighs; my sides had started to fold over, like Bibendum the Michelin man???s. I had just finalised a divorce a couple of months earlier and turned to food for comfort.

On this day, I did not like the person I saw in the mirror and in that moment, I committed to do something about it. After work that evening, for the very 1st time, I signed up for a gym membership. That was the beginning of my healthy living journey.

You call yourself a ???body transformation coach??? instead of ???personal trainer???, ???fitness instructor???, etc. Why is that?

My weight loss-coaching program is 100% nutrition based and 95% of my clients lose weight and transform their bodies WITHOUT working out.?? Weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% working out.

I am neither a personal trainer, nor fitness instructor. I am a coach – a master of habit change. Weight loss is not as simple as eat this or workout like that. It???s about doing the right thing long enough until it becomes a default – a sustainable habit.

I walk women through the process by not only teaching them how to eat for weight loss but also providing accountability and guidance for 3 months when the habits have solidified and the process has become easier.

Why did you decide to work with women primarily?

Because I am a woman and can connect with their pains and frustration:

  • Not being able to fit in your favorite pair of skinny jeans or clothes
  • Boyfriend or husband pressuring you to lose weight or being cheated on because of your weight.
  • Being very self conscious and uncomfortable about your weight until it keeps you from living life fully
  • Lacking energy to show up for work, family, friends – surviving, not thriving
  • Losing weight using fad diets and gaining it back

I understand because I’ve been there. I???ve gone through the struggle, experienced some of the above and can empathize, better connect and serve women. I???ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Aside from the physical changes/differences, in what other ways do you think weight loss affects a woman?

Weight loss and body transformation is indeed personal growth in all ways. When you feel good about yourself, you???re unstoppable. I???ve seen women lose weight, through my program, and blossom by getting promotions at work, reigniting the spark in their marriage/relationship or if single, dating confidently, etc. I???ve see lives transformation simply from body transformation.

This was also my story and what I experienced – once I lost weight and transformed my body, I felt invincible and as though there was nothing I couldn???t do. I began applying for more challenging jobs, making more money, doing all the things I dreamt of. My life changed once I became the best version of myself. This is what I want other women to experience.

When it comes to workout clothing, do you opt more for comfortable or trendy?

I???m more trendy. Athleisure is my speed, where I get to wear good-looking and comfy clothes at the gym and also when travelling or running errands.

What advice would you give to women who find it difficult to will themselves to exercise?

Exercising is great! It has a lot of great health benefits – my favourite being boost of energy, increases mental focus and weight training helps keep you young. For weight loss however, exercising is not very effective and all attention should be paid to nutrition. I worked out hard for 2 years when I began my journey and lost a whopping 4 pounds!! Once I learned correct nutrition habits, I was down 25 pounds and my body looked different in 6 months!

Do you believe in the 80/20 rule, with healthy eating?

Yes! You are what you eat.

What 3 foods do you feel we should all be eating more of, right now?

  1. More vegetables, especially green leafy ones. Vitamins and minerals are the fountain of youth, not to mention we need adequate fiber
  2. More fish and chicken, and less red meat
  3. Complex carbs such as sweet potatoes, oats, brown rice and avoiding processed foods and simple carbs

How has your own weight loss affected your life?

My life has done a 360 degree change. 11 years ago, I thought I was meant to do what most people do – work a good job, rise through corporate American ranks until I retire. Then I lost weight and realised that anything I wanted I could have. Anything was possible!

My life felt so open to endless possibilities and I felt confident and almost fearless in taking risks. For that reason, I went on to body-building, which is when I discovered my passion for health and fitness and today, I am a body transformation coach helping women experience the same.

What???s your favourite way to relax after a workout?

A nap!

Do you believe in having Cheat Days? If so, what???s your guilty pleasure?

The word ‘cheat’ has a negative connotation; as though you???re doing something you???re not supposed to be doing. I use the word treat – allowing yourself to indulge in a meal. I believe in treat meals, not days. An entire treat day can undo an entire week???s progress – unless of course you???ve achieved your goal and are on maintenance mode.

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