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30 Aug


Becoming a parent is, by far, one of the most challenging and rewarding roles we embrace during our lives. Bringing another human being into this world and raising them with the right values in mind is riddled with setbacks and obstacles at every turn. Not to mention that you also need to work on yourself at the same time and grow both as a parent and as a person. Fortunately, being a mother today means you can leverage a slew of different, helpful tools and solutions based on advanced technology to simplify your life and make your mumhood journey all the more enjoyable.

Organisation simplified

As soon as your little bundle of joy (and terror!) arrives, your everyday chore list suddenly triples with everything you need to get done. Of course, you???ll get help from your spouse and family when needed, but mums often neglect themselves, so you might forget to grab your own meal while focusing on the baby, or forget to get diapers when you???re at the store.

To organise your time and tasks, apps like Remember the Milk help you track your daily lists of chores and errands, syncing well with other tools you use, to help make these reminders even easier to manage. You can even use an app that helps you see how much time you???re spending on different apps, so that you can make smarter decisions, especially when you???re tired.

Keeping in touch with friends and family

Social media has become the number one way for people to connect for years now, and as a mom, you might learn to appreciate it on a whole new level. Now that you cannot really make room in your schedule to get regular coffee dates with your bestie, but you still want to support your friends and family, as well as other moms in your social circle, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp and more can be extremely handy.

Especially with social distancing in the mix, social networks are a good way to stay connected with your loved ones and stay safe while you???re building those invaluable bonds.


Technology might be a source of distraction at times, but in the right hands and with the right purpose in mind, you can use it to fuel your motherhood journey


Apps for mum communities

Sometimes, you???ll find yourself at a loss as to how you should get your baby to latch, fall asleep, or where you can find the best skin cream for that annoying baby rash. Who better to ask than other mothers who have been there, and others who are going through the same and similar struggles?

You can use Mumli the motherhood app that serves as a digital community for mums everywhere, helping you find useful, practical advice. You also get unparalleled support in those moments of emotional crisis, and slowly adapt to your new role without feeling completely alone.

Taking care of yourself

Moms everywhere feel that every moment is about the baby ??? and it absolutely is, it???s natural to be completely immersed in your new role and mesmerized by your child. However, a healthy way to build up your energy and restore your health slowly, as you adapt to motherhood, is practising self-care and respecting your body.

You???re setting an example by taking a moment every now and then to nourish your body with good food and to exercise. This is where apps like Moms Into Fitness can help you find the best routine for yourself, without wasting precious time on research and creating your own training plan. In the end, you???ll have more energy, health, and zeal to focus on being a mom.

Learning resources at your fingertips

Being a mum is unique to every woman out there, but you also need to embrace the learning curve. You don???t just instinctively know how to swaddle your baby and perhaps you won???t recognise your baby???s earliest cues of teething. Either way, learning is a must, and the more you allow yourself to learn, the better parent you become. Thankfully, there are entire swarms of e-books on parenting available, as well as websites and informative articles meant for mums that are slowly learning the ropes.

Motherhood gets more intricate every day, so apps, digital libraries, and social networks can all become incredibly useful in allowing you to stay connected to your own essence, all the while improving your parental skills. Technology might be a source of distraction at times, but in the right hands and with the right purpose in mind, you can use it to fuel your motherhood journey and simplify your everyday decisions.

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