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11 Sep


The journey to weight loss can be a challenging one, especially for those who find it hard to ???fall in love??? with exercise. Let???s be honest: Regular exercise is mostly monotonous and not that exciting, but in today???s world, there are so many options for weight loss enthusiasts and it???s much more about knowing what suits your body best and being consistent with it. 

Using dance as a form of exercise is approved by countless health experts and fitness specialists. According to a survey on human health and physical fitness, a good number of specialists unanimously agree that dance truly has evolved from just ???fun??? into a workout. While it???s a great way of expressing yourself and moving your body, dancing can play a role in your overall fitness.

Here are some of the most popular dance exercises you can try from the comfort of your living room, any day, any time:


This is probably one of the most well-known dance exercises; chances are you???ve tried it! Zumba is a mix of salsa and merengue and focuses on every part of the body, stretching the muscles on the legs and compressing the stomach muscles for a better-toned tum. Best of all? This is a type of workout that doesn???t feel like work, but can help maintain healthy body weight.



Freestyle dancing began in the 1970s on street corners, where different dancers came together and show off their individual dances. Over the years, freestyle dancing has increasingly become popular and this form of dance is usually referred to as ???owning your voice.??? Have some fun and lose some weight!

Belly Dancing

Belly Dancing is originally a traditional Middle Eastern dance but as time went by, its popularity spread across the globe. It???s a great form of exercise because it straightens the back muscles, makes it more flexible and helps to maintain good body posture by toning muscles. The shimmying, wiggling and undulating provides a solid core workout that helps butn fat, especially when combined with healthy eating.


Champeta is a style of dance originating in the Caribbean coastal region of Colombia. It requires total body movement and a person can burn a lot of fat in a short amount of time. Champeta works on the body from all planes, including lateral and rotational, which turns on and conditions all muscles ??? no muscle is left behind!

This form of dance is set at high pace and rhythm, so your body demands more oxygen while performing it. To meet the demand for oxygen, your lungs and heart have to work harder, which will increase your lungs??? capacity, while making your diaphragm stronger.

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Samba was created by African communities in Brazil, inspired heavily by indigenous music and dance. A Samba workout is famously known to free the body from the daily constraints imposed upon it, helping to compress the abdominal muscles and strengthen the gluteal muscles. It also provides the body with core flexibility and coordination.

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